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The main destinations are the Tayrona Park, Cartagena and Isla Mucura for this beautiful 8 day tour. The vacation plan for the Colombian Caribbean where it will be possible to discover and enjoy the natural beauty and charming culture of a region. From natural environments, wildlife less surgery if possible to enjoy authentic experiences that create personal value of knowledge and wisdom to positive cultural exchange spaces where one learns to appreciate sacred rites, customs and places and thus highlight the richness of the Caribbean region of Colombia.

Day 1: Cartagena

Today after the reception at the airport you will go to the historic center in Cartagena.. Tour of the most beautiful old town of the Caribbean region, the main shipping port for gold in the era of the Spanish Colony and the center of the slave trade.Cartagena old town is surrounded by many-a defensive wall, which is also a panoramic terrace with fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea. It is here that the native inhabitants of the city sit down in the afternoon to relax with a drink of traditional “limonada de coco” (coconut lemonade).Visiting the most important places of historical Old Town. The visit starts at the “Torre del Reloj” (Clock Tower) – a symbol of the old city of Cartagena and the “Paseo de los Dulces” (Streets Sweets), appears in the novel “Love in the Time of Cholera,” Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It is here in the sixteenth century fairs were held slaves. Another highlight of the visit is the Monastery of San Pedro de Claver, a Jesuit monk era Cologne, defending the rights of African slaves and known as the “slave of slaves”. In the remainder of walking we reach the Museum of the Inquisition, and from there to the Fortress of San Felipe, which is a defensive claim against pirate attacks. Tour ends with a visit to a Jesuit monastery of La Popa, towering over Cartagena. Back to the hotel

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Day 2: Cartagena -Isla Mucura

After an early breakfast at the hotel, drive to the marina in Cartagena. The two-hour fast boat transportation to the island in the Archipelago Mucur San Bernardo on the Colombian Caribbean. Mucur Island is a tropical paradise, you do not need Photoshop touch, because it is truly white beach and azure sea fantastic. Located in the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Morosquillo, is one of the 10 islands comprising the San Bernardo Archipelago. The main advantage of Isla Mucur is its elitism and a small number of tourists. Day it comes only one motor. Mucur Island is a tropical, secluded place, away from civilization, without the noise and smog. It is crystal clear, warm water, rest under coconut palm, suitably cooled “coco loco”, the sound of the sea and the cicadas. In a walk around the island, relax on the beach, Caribbean lunch and dinner.

Day 3: Isla Mucura

Resting on the paradise island of Isla Mucur with full board (Caribbean breakfast, lunch and dinner). Beach, tropical sun and relaxation to experience what can only be away from civilization – the San Bernardo Archipelago.

Day 4: Isla Mucura / El Islote

After a late breakfast, panoramic boat trip to the island of El Islote. An added attraction is the opportunity to observe the flight of private sea islands, belonging to well-known personalities from the world of entertainment and the island cemetery – Tintipan, which is a local place of burial. Swim at El Islote – the most populated island in the world. The population density in El Islote is 124 700 people per square kilometer, which means 8 m2 per person. Back and lunch on the Island Mucur. Resting on a paradise beach. Dinner.

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Day 5: Isla Mucura – Cartagena

After breakfast, the last moments of relaxation on the paradise island of Isla Mucur. Drive fast boat to Cartagena and accommodation at 4 * hotel in the modern sector of the historic center of Cartagena. Free time to walk around the neighborhood

Day 6: Cartagena -Parque Tayrona

Early in the morning you will go by a private transport to Parque Tayrona. Three days of real rest and relaxation in paradise, Colombian beach in Tayrona Park. The possibility of walking on the tropical forest, where one can observe the unique flora and fauna of the Caribbean (colored parrots ‘Loros’, condors and 300 other species of birds, monkeys, turtles, iguanas, etc.). An additional attraction is the opportunity to meet through the native inhabitants of the land – Indian Arhuacos, busy with their work. It is they who in their traditional costumes perform unique snow-white wool bags “Mochilas”, a very popular and fashionable in Colombia. The destination is a few coves and beautiful, white beaches with emerald water, surrounded by tropical greenery “Cabo de San Juan”.

Accommodation: Ecohabs Parque Tayrona

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Day 7: Parque Tayrona

Today you have the opportunity to do a hike to an indigenous town Pueblito. It’s also possible to enjoy the beaches and relax. The meals and accommodation wil be at the Ecohabs

Day 8: Parque Tayrona

After breakfast you will have a transfer to Santa Marta where you can connect to a national flight to Bogota and maybe an international flight.

Tour includes:

  • Accommodatio in 4* star hotels in 2 person room with private bathroom
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Lunches at Isla Mucura
  • Transportation by bus, boat, ferry, taxi etc, depending on the program
  • Local guide in Santa Marta and CartagenaTransfers to and from the airport
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