Getting to Parque Tayrona

There are different ways of getting to Parque Tayrona.

From the Airport Santa Marta:

It’s the best to take a taxi to Mamatoco or the Mercado of Santa Marta and from there you can take the local bus. Or you can take directly a taxi from the airport

From Santa Marta: From Mamatoco or the mercado de Santa Marta , you can get a bus that will take you to the entrance of the Tayrona park for the price for more or less $ 7000 pesos. It’s also posible to get a taxi from Santa Marta or another private transporte. It takes about an half hour to get to Parque Tayrona.

From la Guajira/ Palomino: Also from there you ca get the local bus to get you to the entrance of Tayrona Park

From Cartagena: You can take the bus that leaves between 5 and 6 pm and arrives around 11 o clock in Parque Tayrona.

From The Park Entrance: When you are at the entrance, and after you have bought your entrace ticket, you take another bus hat will take you much deeper into the jungle. These buses you can find at the entrance of the park. They take you to the furthest point that cars can

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