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Flora and Fauna Parque Tayrona

Tayorona Park has a big variety of Flora and Fauna because it includes two ecosystems between the mountain and the sea. It boasts fascinating wildlife including black howler and titi monkeys, iguanas, jaguars (which are rarely seen as they hunt at night), a variety of lizards, tropical marine life, and more than 400 species of […]

Phone and internet

Telephone signal in Tayrona Park is still very poor. There are few points where you can make and receive phone calls.  The Internet signal is quite poor course, so you can hardly use social media to share the journey in real time. So you’ll have a good excuse to disconnect from the city and nouse […]

Entrance fee Parque Tayrona

Entrance fee Parque Tayrona Entry costs 35.000 COP for foreigners and 13.000 COP for Colombians

Parque Tayrona Photos

  Here you can find the most beautiful Parque Tayrona Photos so you can enjoy the beauty of the Park. We added different Parque Tayrona photos of the sites and treks you can do.

Location Parque Tayrona

Tayrona Park is located in the Carribean Coast of Colombia. Iit is located at the North east of the city of Santa Marta at 34 km. The location Parque Tayrona is in the department of Magdalena.

Tayrona climate

Climate In Parque Tayrona  the temparatures are betweeen 27 and 35°C. The Tayrona climate has also rainfall and varies from nothing to around 975 millimetres  per month, but overall the climate is semi-arid and hot. Climate data for  Tayrona Park Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Record […]

Getting to Parque Tayrona

There are different ways of getting to Parque Tayrona. From the Airport Santa Marta: It’s the best to take a taxi to Mamatoco or the Mercado of Santa Marta and from there you can take the local bus. Or you can take directly a taxi from the airport From Santa Marta: From Mamatoco or the mercado […]